Sachin Tendulkar.

by Cricaholic.

Best topic to start my blog with.

Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar is so awesome that even some Pakistanis are subconsciously hoping he makes a century today. -@14_yr_old_etard.

“Ohhh…He actually is god,It’s not an illusion .”- Wahab Riaz to Afridi ,Afridi : Abbee..muje to pata hi hein,See my trembling legs. -@STUPIDiesm

Talking anything against Sachin at this hour is like walking on streets post 8 PM in Gurgaon, you’ll be raped. -@Lokarlofollow

If I get a heart attack today, Sachin will be the reason. -@coffeegrams

Looks like a New Sachin is born all over again after the 100th 100. -@coffeegrams

Vintage Tendulkar. 1998. -@Trendulkar

If you’re a cricket-hater then either STFU or GTFO from twitter when Sachin is playing. -@Lokarlofollow

I don’t visit a temple, I watch Sachin Tendulkar bat instead. -@14_yr_old_etard

Sachin Tendulkar: Giving India balls-in-mouth moments since 1989. -@Trendulkar

96th ODI 50..That’s like more than the total 50’s by all pakistani cricketers. -@STUPIDiesm

Kohli should carry Sachin on his shoulders and declare the match. -@Trendulkar (ROFL)